A Fitness Plan Able To Provide Superior Results


Do you feel tired, fatigued, weak?  Many times we let our bodies deteriorate, just from lack of attention. We can help you. 

1. One of the most important things you can learn to do is eat right. 

2. The next thing to learn is proper exercise.

3. The HARDEST thing to do is make the decision do something about your health and stick with it!!!


To lose weight or get in shape you need to combine a fitness program with a fitness diet. We will show you  fitness plans able to provide superior results. Webster’s defines bodybuilding as developing the body through exercise and diet. That also defines what Physical Mental Strength is about.



Our muscle building diet plans are complementing plans with every bodybuilding plan. It has to be done this way. This is because Workout and Diet go hand in hand! We are setup to do our best to help you to accomplish these goals. With a professionally designed bodybuilding course, you can lose weight and build lean strong muscle. These courses are designed specifically for men or women. Women should not be using a fitness program designed for a man. We have several to choose from.


Learn Bodybuilding and lose weight at the same time.




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Men and Women want to lose weight gain lean muscle? Do it with bodybuilding. I have 3 fitness plans that are designed for men and 3 fitness plans that are designed for women. These plans can be individualized for you. For a look at all of our bodybuilding plans and programs please click on A Workout Plan For You.


I also promote the Anabolic Cookbook and Brilliant Yoga.  



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Vince and Flavia DelMonte


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